2016 Southern Gauteng Juniors

Please support the 2016 Southern Gauteng Juniors who will be fishing Nationals in July at Shelly Beach.

These youngsters are the future of Angling, and all encouragement and support is appreciated, this year the province have chosen to get the youngsters to put in the effort and learn to raise funds towards their fishing instead of just expecting the province, clubs and parents to pay. Your participation by attending the function will be much appreciated.

TSC have 3 Juniors who will be going to the Nationals, Chris Hemans, Brandon Swanepoel and Michael Webster.

These juniors are attending regular development workshops which includes  “on the boat training” at Rynfield dam, Some of the TSC juniors will also be taking part in the Umhlanga Interclub as part of their preparation for Nationals.

For TSC ticket reservations or contributions you can contact myself at mandy@aptprint.co.za

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