How to apply for a Club record

Use the following procedure to apply for a Club record.

  1. The Angler must complete the application form personally. Download the application form here.
  2. All applications must be made through your club.
  3. Time limit to apply is 60 days from date of catch.
  4. All record fish must be weighed on scales that have been certified for accuracy by Government Agencies or other qualified organisations.
  5. The catch and weighing of the fish must be witnessed.
  6. 5 Meters or more of the line used plus the double line used, leader and hooks must be submitted as was used in the catching of the fish.
  7. Clear photos of the fish and all measurements as stated on the form must be provided.
  8. Appropriate fees for world, S.A. and Provincial records to be enclosed, club records no charge.

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