New 2017 Towing Rules

Are you Towing your Boat Legally?

It means that drivers could be acting legally one day and illegally the next, without being made aware of the fact. The onus is on the individual to keep up to date with traffic ordinance.”

NATIONAL NEWS – SA drivers who have not kept up to date with the regulations for towing trailers or caravans, run the risk of having their insurance claims denied in the event of an accident.

This is according to insurer Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), which states that a surprising number of motorists are currently unaware that they may be towing illegally.

Spokesman George Davis pointed out that legislation is constantly amended without promulgation.

“It means that drivers could be acting legally one day and illegally the next, without being made aware of the fact,” Davis said. “The onus is on the individual to keep up to date with traffic ordinance.”

To start, drivers need to be aware that an ordinary driver’s licence (Code B) only allows them to tow trailers lighter than 750kg.

For anything larger, such as a caravan, one requires a Code EB licence.

“This legislation has been around for some years already, but we still find that a many drivers are unaware of this requirement,” said Davis.

A weight issue
Additionally, the Tare (licence weight) of the vehicle, needs to be double that of the trailer (for trailers up to 750kg). In other words, for a 750kg trailer, the drawing vehicle must have a Tare of 1 500kg.

To put that into perspective, an average sized German sedan with a Tare of 1 425kg would be illegal to tow a 750kg trailer with.

According to Davis, the regulations are somewhat different for drivers in possession of Code EB licenses.

An EB classified driver’s licence allows the driver to tow up to 3 500kg.

“If the trailer exceeds 750kg and has its own braking system, the weight of the vehicle must be equal to, or more than, the weight of the trailer.

“Your motor vehicle insurance policy requires you to have a valid driver’s licence and that you act within the law.”

Every insurance policy will also expect you to disclose every material fact that would increase the risk which they have accepted to cover.

“Consequently, if you have an accident at the time you are not adhering to the regulations (towing illegally for instance), your insurer may have cause to repudiate your claim,” Davis warned.

Taking extras into account
Davis stated that drivers also need to note that when they buy a standard caravan or trailer and opt to added extras, the Tare mass needs to be recalculated.

“When all the optional extras are taken into account, there may be a risk of overloading the car’s suspension after the trailer has been loaded.

“Again this may affect your claim after an accident,” he said.

“This law extends to anyone who received their licences after the new codes were introduced.”

Drivers with a Code B licence will unfortunately need to complete their learner’s test again and do the driving test for the EB license.

Older drivers have a slight advantage, however, needing only to apply for an exemption in order to obtain theirs.

“With that said, older drivers still need to have obtained the exemption or risk having their claims repudiated,” he concluded.

Source: Caxton publication, Zululand Observer.

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VHF Radio Requirements

VHF Radio Sama Rules for Deep Sea Fishing Boats

Marine Notice 32 of 2016 refers.

Brief synopsis:

DSC (Digital Selective Calling)

  • DSC carriage will be introduced to coincide with the implementation of sea area A1 and the eventual switch off of the aural watch keeping of VHF Channel 16 by the relevant authority.
    • SAMSA will inform the boating public and other concerned parties of the phase in period for the implementation of these requirements.

Marine Radio Operator Certification

    • If your VHF radio does NOT have a MMSI number installed, then the VHF operator must be in possession of a “Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Certificate (Marine) VHF only”
      • This was the original VHF certificate required before DSC became a requirement
    • If your VHF radio HAS a MMSI number installed, then the VHF operator must be in possession of a “Short Range Certificate”
      • When the MMSI number is input into the VHF radio this enables the DSC functions which otherwise are not available for use
      • The “Short Range Certificate” is the new VHF requirement and may be obtained by either doing a bridging course (if in possession of a “Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Certificate (Marine) VHF only” or doing the full course.
      • A MMSI number is issued by ICASA Cape Town against a licensed VHF radio and against a user who has passed the “Short Range Certificate” course

Deep Sea Radio Licensing

  • 29Mhz radio will no longer suffice for 2017 COF
  • An ICASA licensed VHF radio is required

For a full list of SAMSA issued Marine notices goto  :


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TSC Fishing Club News – January 2017

The Chairman and committee would like to wish all TSC members a very successful 2017, and hopefully will see many happy faces telling the story at the TSC clubhouse of how the fish were caught at the latest fishing trip.


The first smoker of 2017 will be Friday 13 January, we will be discussing the Rosebowl which is to be held at Sodwana 26 February – 3 March. If you will be attending the smoker please let me know for catering.


Membership fees were due 1 October 2017, all members with outstanding fees please pay before Tuesday 10 January 2017 to prevent your membership defaulting.

As per the constitution;

11.2        Any member not paying his / her annual subscription fees within 90 (ninety) days of becoming due, will cease to be a member of the club, and would have to re-apply for membership and pay joining fees as well as subscription fees as required.


SGDSAA Awards Evening will be held on Saturday 28 January 2017, please contact Lyn Adams to make a booking. All those who have represented the province or SA will be getting acknowledged and should be attending, family are welcome. (see attached)


Around the Island Race will be taking place 3-5 February 2017, at Lake Deneysville on the Vaal Dam (yes it does have some water), if you would like to join TSC members for a weekend away camping and boating please contact Mark Souris 082 874 2510 who will assist with further details.


ERBFC are hosting their overnight fishing comp on Saturday 11 February 2017, at Rynfield Dam, all those interested in joining trying to catch the tagged R60 000 carp contact Shane for further details,


I will be sending out invites for the various Interclubs which the coastal clubs will be hosting, please respond by sending your nomination form in ASAP.


Please keep records of the fish you catch, socially and during comps, these are to be submitted to the club should you wish to qualify for club awards.


As a TSC Member, should you have any sport related query or need assistance, be able to offer sponsorship of any kind, want to go fishing but have no crew please send me an email which will be forwarded to the relative committee member to attend to.


We look forward to catching up with all members on the 13 January at the smoker.

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2016 Southern Gauteng Juniors

Please support the 2016 Southern Gauteng Juniors who will be fishing Nationals in July at Shelly Beach.

These youngsters are the future of Angling, and all encouragement and support is appreciated, this year the province have chosen to get the youngsters to put in the effort and learn to raise funds towards their fishing instead of just expecting the province, clubs and parents to pay. Your participation by attending the function will be much appreciated.

TSC have 3 Juniors who will be going to the Nationals, Chris Hemans, Brandon Swanepoel and Michael Webster.

These juniors are attending regular development workshops which includes  “on the boat training” at Rynfield dam, Some of the TSC juniors will also be taking part in the Umhlanga Interclub as part of their preparation for Nationals.

For TSC ticket reservations or contributions you can contact myself at

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Call for 2016 Nationals Nominations



Nominations are hereby called for suitably qualified anglers to nominate for 3 persons teams to represent SADSAA,  SADSAA under 19.  SADSAA Masters.  At the following national tournaments.

All these tournaments will be fished on 10kg line.

SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals.

The hosts are Eastern Province and the tournament will be held at Port Elizabeth between the 15th and 19th March 2016.

The entry fee is R 7950 per team and includes all meals etc. but excludes fuel and accommodation.


SADSAA Game Fish Nationals.

The hosts are Natal Province and the tournament will be held at Shelly beach between 24th and 29th April 2016.

The entry fee is R7650 per team and includes all meals etc. but excludes fuel and accommodation.


SADSAA Tuna Nationals.

The hosts are Western Province and the Tournament will be held at Cape Boat & Ski Boat Club at Millers Point between the 9th and 14th May 2016.

The entry fee is R9500 per team and includes all meals etc. but excludes fuel and accommodation.


Nominations must be received by the convenor of selectors Mr Barry Turk by not later than Wednesday 13th January 2016.


R A Pratt

Tournaments Officer

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Rosebowl 2016

Rosebowl Fishing Competition 2016

It’s that time again to make 2016 an amazing fishing year.  with all of your investments in kit and ski-boats etc.. you deserve to go fishing more…. 🙂


Rosebowl Entry Form here

Shortened Rosebowl Rules Here…





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Shelly Development

Development workshop next week Thursday 7 March, 6.30pm at ERBFC clubhouse – Shelly Beach/tuna fishing focus – more details in the attached below

SG Shelly development

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Shelly Beach Interclub : Shelly Beach, 20 & 21 April. Deadline 15 March.

Umhlanga Interclub: Umhlanga, 18 & 19 May. Deadline 20 March.



SGDSAA Rosebowl – Sodwana, 12 – 17 May (entries through TSC – still a few boats to go and some looking to crew)



Protea nominations: Club deadline 30 March (prov secretary 5 April)


Hawaii Billfish (3 – 10 August 2013)

FIPS France Tuna (17 – 24 August 2013)

Puerto Rico Billfish (15 – 21 September 2013)


Nominations to Mark Souris / Mandy Webster ( or Forms available for download here:


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Protea send-off

Please join us on 20 Feb for the Protea team send off. The ILTAA  March Costa Rica International team will be at TSC Clubhouse 18h00 for 18h30 for their capping ceremony and send-off. Please support the guys and celebrate with them for this awesome lifetime achievement.

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Feb newsletter

All the latest news from TSC for Jan / Feb 2013 – download here: newsletterfeb

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