Safety and Development

To all TSC Skippers and boat owners.

Our annual safety weekend at Lake Deneysville Yacht Club has been booked for the 11-13 November 2011. All members and their families are encouraged to come along and join in for the weekend. It will be a fun filled weekend full of laughs and a good time is guaranteed.

Some of you may be aware that recently, safety in general has undergone some changes. Please bear with me as some of these changes have more to do with the administration and procedural matters than anything else.

The safety portfolio now falls under the body of SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority). They have instituted a new procedure when it comes to the licensing of vessels. In the past the procedure was that a licensed safety officer would survey a vessel, sign and complete the relevant documentation and submit it to the relevant body. This has changed slightly to give SAMSA, now the governing body for water safety more control.

The new regulation is that the owner of the vessel must get a copy of the relevant documentation pertaining to their category, whether it is category B, C, D, E or R (which will be on the TSC website). The owner of the vessel then has to complete the relevant documentation and only on completion of this documentation with all the supporting documentation send it to the club safety officer. Any deficiencies noted are to be rectified prior to the safety survey. Once this documentation has been received only then can the safety officer proceed with the inspection.

Should there be any questions or queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact Richard Warner.

082 909 9214


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