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Seaworthiness Certificate
This certificate is fixed on the craft in the form of a waterproof PVC adhesive label. On this will be displayed a serialised number and the registration year. This certificate of inspection will be valid until the end of the year of issue.Bouyancy
Refer to page 125 [Annexure A] of the MERCHANT SHIPPING (SMALL VESSEL SAFETY) REGULATIONS, 2002 [ 1613Kb]

Lettering on Craft
Identification shall be a registration number consisting of TSC prefix followed by an allocated number and the category code. Letters shall not be less than 150 mm in height and 100 mm in width. Contrasting colours in the form of white on a black background or vice versa shall be used and the lettering shall be displayed in such a manner that it will be clearly visible at all times.

Safety Regulations
Safety regulations will at all times be in accordance with at least the minimum standard required by the Safety Regulations regarding ships or small vessels used solely for sport or recreation as issued by the Department of Transport, and promulgated in Government Gazette No. 10042 of 20 December 1985.

Change of address or ownership
The owner of a TSC registered craft shall advise the TSC office of any change of address, ownership, or withdrawal from service. On change of ownership the registration certificate is not transferable. A re-inspection is required and a new registration certificate will be issued. The registration number is however transferable.

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