General info, Heads-up and warning to make your journey safer.

Whoever travel past Xai Xai to the North of Mozambique –

this here you need to read very carefully please.

As you cross over the main brigde at Xai Xai – GPS waypoint :

S25 01 36 21 – E33 37 54 55(Bridge) –

a un-marked old +- 1980 Mercedes Benz car faded yellow in color – will pull infront of you at this following waypoint – S25 01 45 74 – E33 37 57 52 =

this will happen especially if you are towing a boat.

The driver would slow down to a total crawl and indicate to you with his arm out to the driver side window to pas him.


When you pass him at this very point you will be crossing over a solid traffic line that is so faded and old that you will not notice it and you being only interested over-taking this irritating slow driver – would not see this solid line.

This is where the PauPau his the FAN!!

He will then become TURBO CHARGED and break the sound barrier in this Claped Out Merc and over take you blowing his hooter and flashing a ID card to you to pull over.

This man is not dressed in Uniform – just normal long pants and clean shirt.

He will then -very force fully – confiscate all your passports and car & boat documents.

Explaining at this stage that you Broke the Law by crossing the solid line when you over took him.

He would even walk back with you and show you the solid line – that is there faded since “Vasco da Gama,s” days.

He will give you a choice directly – or you pay him R2000-00 – or he will call his Chief from his cell phone and they will come and transport only you – the Driver to the Police Station – leaving your Wife & kids ext with no one to care for them alone.

Do you see how MEAN this whole plan is.

What Father would leave his kids and wife there alone.

Everybody just pays this wonderfull MANA from Heaven and get on with there trip.

My advise is easy –

do not over take him!!

Stick behind him.

Even if you want to pull over in a safe place – put your hazards on – and sit it out.

He will rather return to the pull of spot and wait for the next SA car or Bakkie and boat.

Again – call me when this happens to you –

I can call Zuleca that lives in Xai Xai and she will come and assist you.

Hope this helps you guys and your families.




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